New Trasdata E-GPT: countdown has started!

It is now a matter of days: soon Dimsport will make the new e-GPT system available.

As previously announced, this solution represents an important upgrade for Bosch MEDC17 (Infineon Tricore CPU) bench read/write solution from the ECU connector: e-GPT (enhanced GPT) will allow New Trasdata to perform operations without opening these ECUs.

Easy-to-use and versatile, e-GPT allows the fastest communication: definitely a 'must-have' that simplifies one of the most demanding tuning tasks.

The countdown has started: e-GPT is approaching your workstation and it's going to be immediately operative on INFINEON TRICORE C1724,TC1728,TC1766,TC1767,TC1793,TC1792,TC1796,TC1797 processors.