Holdim Srl gathers and promotes solid companies operating in the Automotive field such as Dimsport and Ecomotive Solutions.
The founders operate together since 1991: thanks to their experience in the electronics, software and technologies applied to the Automotive, the structure has grown fast and firmly, becoming a point of reference worldwide.
Through its brands, manufacturing facilities and commercial branches operating all over the world, Holdim offers a complete range of products and solutions dedicated to professionals aiming at achieving outstanding results on the customization of electronically managed engines of cars, bikes, light commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks, buses, tractors and marine applications.

Our leading product lines are:
customization of the engine working parameters of original ECUs/ECMs
RAPID – add-on modules for electronically controlled turbo diesel and turbo petrol engines
RAPID BIKE – add-on modules & racing control units for bikes
DYNO – chassis dynamometers and road simulators for all kinds of vehicles
D-GID - technological platform to convert diesel engines to dual fuel systems (DDF)

Research and excellence in engineering are the keys to Holdim’s advanced solutions. The Group puts customers first; their professional needs are met since their first approach and are guaranteed by a whole lot of quality products and services provided after purchase.