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Perform precision recalibrations on Kawasaki Ninja H2 and ZX-10R

New FLASH_0775 PROTOCOL: intervene via OBD on Mitsubishi ECU

Designed to work on some of the most iconic Japanese bikes ever, the new serial protocol FLASH_0775 allows you to read and write on MITSUBISHI ECUs installed as original equipment on Kawasaki; specifically on:

  • KAWASAKI NINJA H2 15->21 147kW
  • KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-10R 1000 16->18 147kW 
  • KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-10R 1000 19->20 149kW

This will grant you access via Race Evo to a wide range of parameters, enabling you to adjust and customize the bike's performance according to your customers' needs.

Use the dedicated wiring for Kawasaki

This new implementation offers industry experts the possibility to intervene on the ECU using dedicated wiring, paving the way for advanced remapping on these beloved Japanese four-cylinder bikes.

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