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The Cavagna Group acquires an equity interest in Ecomotive Solutions

The Cavagna Group is showing an increasing interest in market opportunities that enable it to further develop its capabilities in the regulation and control of gas for use in new sustainable mobility applications – and beyond. This is evidenced by the Group’s recent decision to acquire an equity interest in Ecomotive Solutions

This partnership between the Cavagna Group and Ecomotive Solutions aims to innovate while respecting the environment, which is certain to increasingly meet market expectations. Indeed, low-carbon engine technologies not only have less environmental impact but also lead to a competitive advantage, as customers are more and more aware of environmental responsibility. Furthermore, the partnership aims to strengthen a distinctive feature of both the Cavagna Group and Ecomotive Solutions: namely, their broad product offerings.

The mission of both companies is to satisfy the requests of OEMs (vehicle manufacturers, engine manufacturers, CNG/LNG/LPG equipment manufacturers, energy equipment manufacturers, etc.), professional operators looking to retrofit vehicles or engines already in use (for example, in industrial and commercial vehicle fleets, public transport, waste disposal, maritime applications, special industrial applications, and energy production plants), and end users with specific application needs. One of the most interesting market segments is that of industrial engines, as even these engines can use alternative, environmentally friendly fuels in their day-to-day operation. The emergence of biomethane, for example, has led to the development of a complete line of solutions for agricultural machinery.

The use of alternative fuels in energy production is just as interesting and promising. It is also a highly topical issue, not least because of the current geopolitical situation. The growing variety of non-fossil fuels of biological or synthetic origin is creating a strong demand for technological solutions for their use as an alternative to traditional fuels. In this context, the Cavagna Group and Ecomotive Solutions are particularly interested in offering systems for the conversion of diesel engines into diesel dual fuel (DDF) engines for use with natural gas, biomethane, LPG, DME, biogas, LNG, hydrogen, and more. Flex-fuel engines are based on tried and tested mechanics, which have been reinterpreted with a view to sustainability in order to enable use with alternative fuels such as natural gas, biomethane, LPG and syngas. Companies that want to play a decisive role in the circular economy must have solutions that allow them to use these energy sources as efficiently as possible.

As the two companies implement their common strategy, they can count on strong synergy forged from the know-how they both bring to the table. Indeed, Ecomotive Solutions focuses on innovative projects that are destined to change the future of mobility by applying pioneering, tailor-made solutions to a wide range of engine types. In this regard, it is particularly important to remember that the goal of transforming transport into a zero emissions industry cannot be achieved by cars alone. It is no coincidence that the EU’s Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy envisages the involvement of all types of transport in reducing emissions, including ships, heavy goods vehicles, and work vehicles. These are precisely the areas of design and manufacturing in which Ecomotive Solutions is a renowned player, in terms of both research and product range. The Cavagna Group, meanwhile, brings not only its technical and application-related know-how in the automotive sector – characterized by integrated solutions for original equipment installation and aftermarket applications – but also the potential of a large industrial group with a widespread presence in international markets and the capability to support new R&D projects and develop institutional and business relations.

Davide Cavagna, CEO of the Cavagna Group, commented: “We are particularly satisfied with this partnership, which will enable us to strengthen our operations in a socioeconomic and market context that is destined to see continued growth. We all find ourselves in a situation in which there is a need to increasingly move toward a green economy without jeopardizing development, so it is important to be able to offer valid low-carbon engine technologies. Our know-how complements and mutually reinforces that of Ecomotive Solutions, which will make us stand out even more in the field of mobility and environmentally sustainable transitions.”

When asked to comment on the agreement, which was signed this past 20 April, Giovanni Deregibus, CEO of Ecomotive Solutions, had this to say: “We are extremely proud to welcome a major player like the Cavagna Group into our company’s management. This addition consolidates our new company structure and allows us to have even greater confidence in the projects underway and those to come. This agreement with our new partner opens up new possibilities in terms of industrialization and distribution, but I am also convinced that Cavagna’s experience will enable us to make rapid progress in the development of innovative solutions, especially with hydrogen and other alternative fuels.”