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Holthausen and GreenForce Introduce the First Hydrogen Truck on the Road in Italy

In the picturesque setting of the Holdim headquarters, a milestone in the transportation sector was unveiled on Friday, May 17th: the full hydrogen truck. Starting from Hoogezand in the Netherlands, it traveled a remarkable 1300 km to Traspotec, concluding the journey in Monferrato, specifically in Serralunga di Crea.

A crucial part of the project was entrusted to GreenForce, a newly established company within the Holdim group dedicated to promoting sustainable mobility through the use of new green technologies.

This journey marks a significant achievement as the first long trip completed by a hydrogen vehicle, no longer a prototype but a reality, crossing the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland. Along the route, the truck stopped at various public refueling stations, taking only ten minutes to complete a refuel.

Test Day: professionals test the H2 truck

On Friday, journalists, testers, and industry professionals had the opportunity to explore the world of hydrogen and, more significantly, to test drive this extraordinary zero-emission truck in preview. Thanks to the collaboration between Holthausen and GreenForce, Italy is preparing to welcome and promote hydrogen-powered industrial and commercial vehicles, assuming a key role in the development of refueling infrastructure in the country.

Not Just Technology but Also Power and Range

The truck, a three-axle road tractor, is equipped with a 200 kW hydrogen fuel cell pack that powers a 450 kW electric motor. With hydrogen tanks positioned at the rear of the cab, capable of holding up to 50 kg of hydrogen, the vehicle offers an average range of about 650 km.

Holdim aims to complete the entire energy supply chain and is also committed to creating a service station that will offer a wide range of biofuels available on the market. The first step will be to enable the refueling of BIO LCNG, methane in gaseous and liquid form. The ultimate goal is to provide a comprehensive offer of alternative fuels, including hydrogen.

The commercialization of fuel cell vehicles will follow the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between GreenForce and the Dutch leader Holthausen Clean Technology, specializing in the production of hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles.

With this important step forward, Italy positions itself at the forefront of promoting sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.