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Second generation setting files for DELPHI CRD3.Ex/Fx/Px ECUs that equips Mercedes Benz 2.2L Diesel

Today we make available new second generation settings files to get the most out of your calibrations on DELPHI CRD3.Ex/Fx/Px​ ECUs, installed on Mercedes Benz 2.2L Diesel.

We enable you to work on more effective tuning operations, extending your range of action with 40 engine parameter management maps.


🅟 [TMO] Torque monitoring OFF

🅟 [EGR_0] EGR valve closure *diagnostic use

🅟 [SOFF] Speed limiter OFF


🅞 [DPF_OFF] DPF/FAP deletion *diagnostic use

🅞 [ADBLUE_OFF] AdBlue deletion *diagnostic use

🅞 [EGR_OFF] Total EGR valve deletion *diagnostic use

🅞 [SET_EP] Engine protection set modificaton

🅞 [SWIRL_OFF] IMRC/Intake manifold swirl flaps deletion *diagnostic use

These files are useful for vehicle repair and much more. Race Evo software joins the diagnostic tools already in use in the workshops, allowing the operator to carry out targeted operations on individual trouble codes stored in the engine control unit reducing intervention time and costs.

Warning! Some Maps, Patch and Options may not be available in your country: contact your Dimsport sales representative to verify i

The essential structure of the settings file
  • Period(4)
  • Injection (4)
  • Lambda/AFR (2)
  • Rail pressure (2)
  • Torque limiter (10)
  • Maximum indicated torque (2)
  • Torque request
  • Torque model - fuel quantity conversion (2)
  • Transmission torque limit 
  • Boost pressure
  • Max exhaust gas temperature (2)
  • Max CAT temperature 
  • Max turbo temperature (2)
  • Torque load reduction for protection (2)
  • PATCH (3)
  • OPTIONS (5)

Control unit equipment DELPHI CRD3.Ex/Fx/Px

  • A CLASS W176​ A200 2.2L 16V CDI 100kW
  • A CLASS W176​ A220 2.2L 16V CDI 130kW
  • B CLASS W246 B200 2.2L 16V CDI 100kW
  • C CLASS W204/S204 C220 2.2L 16V CDI 125kW
  • C CLASS W204/S204 C250 2.2L 16V CDI 150kW
  • C CLASS W205 C200 2.2L 16V CDI Bluetec 100kW
  • C CLASS W205 C220 2.2L 16V CDI Bluetec 125kW
  • C CLASS W205 C250 2.2L 16V CDI Bluetec 150kW
  • CLA CLASS C117 CLA200 2.2L 16V CDI 100kW
  • CLA CLASS C117 CLA220 2.2L 16V CDI 130kW
  • GLA CLASS X156 GLA200 2.2L 16V CDI 100kW
  • GLA CLASS X156 GLA220 2.2L 16V CDI 125kW
  • SPRINTER W906 2.2L CDI 16V 105kW
  • SPRINTER W906 2.2L CDI 16V 120kW
  • SPRINTER W906 2.2L CDI 16V 84kW
  • SPRINTER W907/909/910​ 2.2L CDI 105kW
  • SPRINTER W907/909/910​ 2.2L CDI 120kW
  • SPRINTER W907/909/910​ 2.2L CDI 84kW

Race Evo software view:

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