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OBDII solution for MARELLI MM11GF on Mild Hybrid FCA vehicles

Thanks to the new Flash_0894 protocol, Dimsport expands the calibration possibilities for Mild Hybrid vehicles of the FCA group.

From today it is possible to access the ECU parameters via OBDII following a quick and immediate operating flow, with the New Genius stand-alone console the reading and writing work becomes comfortable and efficient.

FCA-branded clean and ecological technology!

Satisfy your customers' wishes and stay up to date on the latest news. Take advantage of a constantly evolving market in which hybrid vehicles increasingly mark the future of the automobile by optimizing consumption and increasing performance.

Offer tuning solutions aimed at the Hybrid world and expand your business!


992 Fiat Panda

1.0L Hybrid FireFly 52kW 

992 Fiat 500

1.0L Hybrid FireFly 52kW

992 Lancia Y

1.0L Hybrid FireFly 52kW

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