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"Maybe you are not responsible for the situation you are in, but you will become if you do nothing to change it"
(Martin Luther King)
At work and outside the office, we like challenges.
The challenges to break a record, to improve a service, to broaden our horizons, leaving our 'comfort zone' and then discovering that the mind, like the world, has no real boundaries.

With the companies of our group we are active in every corner of the planet. Traveling to discover new markets, we learned to respect diversity and to recognize nuances and fragility. For this reason, while we are going to blow out the first thirty candles on the cake, we express our responsibility by dedicating more and more time and resources to support activities for the community.

To leave a message to those around us, and a trace to whom maybe one day will take our place:
we like challenges, but together we are even more confident of winning.
Certified quality
Since 2002, our company can claim a Certified Quality Management System as proof of its continued commitment to achieving a high level of customer service. Dimsport’s Certified Quality Management System currently adopted - also shared by other companies of the Holdim Group - complies with ISO 9001:2015 requirements, with the purpose of monitoring a constantly-evolving structure in compliance with mandatory requirements.