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MV Agusta Euro5, remap with the new setting files for Race Evo and then write with New Genius

A turning point for two-wheel lovers: thanks to Dimsport it is now possible to remap the new MV Agusta Euro 5 with ELDOR NEMO ECU!

Thanks to the New Genius Flash_0499 protocol you can now operate directly from the OBDII socket of the MV Agusta, even on the new Euro5, quickly and easily.

You don't need a PC or even an internet connection: maximum convenience and independence!

New updated setting files for ELDOR ECUs installed on MV Agusta Euro 5

Exploit the potential of the new settings files for Race EVO and get to the heart of the recalibration of the main engine management maps. A perfect tool dedicated to lovers of the brand to further customize, among others, one of the most extreme hyper naked ever: the Brutale 1000RR.

Here’s in detail how they are displayed in Race Evo:


The concept of this bike is to take everything to the extreme, not only in terms of performance but also in terms of details.

The MV Agusta Brutale 1000RR is equipped with a 1000cc 4-cylinder engine capable of delivering an impressive 208hp. The four twin exhausts, the carbon details and the big front "eye" make it a truly unique bike of its kind and for true enthusiasts.

Surely the Brutale does not lack power, but the increasingly stringent Euro5 standards force these engines to give their best only at high revs, making them difficult to drive.


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