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Maximise work efficiency with Rapid XTE!

Power, efficiency and technology in everyday work, join the Rapid family too!

Rapid XTE is the plug&play add-on module capable of intervening on turbo diesel trucks and tractors. By installing the XTE module you can increase the performance of your vehicle up to 25% allowing you to reduce consumption, all without intervening on the original ECU.

The Rapid XTE technology concentrate is enclosed inside an aluminum box with an innovative and resistant design which, thanks to the plu&play wiring, will allow you to carry out the installation in a short time.

How does it work?

Rapid XTE interviene sull'apertura degli iniettori, modificando la quantità di carburante introdotta nella camera di scoppio con la massima precisione grazie alla gestione di ogni singolo iniettore, controlla due segnali analogici come la pressione rail pressione turbo, inoltre è in grado di interagire anche sulla linea CAN BUS.

Rapid XTE intervenes on the opening times of the injectors, modifying the quantity of fuel introduced into the combustion chamber with maximum precision thanks to the management of each individual injector; it controls two analog signals such as rail pressure and turbo pressure and it is also able to interact on the CAN BUS line.


Dimsport provides its customers with over 30 years of experience in the add-on module business and develops standard calibrations on its own power test benches to provide the best balance between reliability and optimization of vehicle performance. Installers can further increase these values through customized calibrations and the support of Dimsport specialized technicians.